Thessaloniki: Giannis Fragoulis writes 

The city of Thessaloniki was founded by Kassandros in 316 or 315 BC. Gave her his wife’s name. She was the half-sister of Alexander the Great.


Pela, The capital of Macedonia, was abandoned. And The reason, was that did not have access to the sea, instead of Thessaloniki. We will not look back at the history of this city on this note. We want to recommend it to you.

For more than 2,000 years, thessaloniki had a fundamental role for Northern Greece and the Balkan region. In all these years, Thessaloniki

offered to the one who handled it, the most. Those who handled it were it’s residents and the visitors. Due to this The face of the city is constantly changing.

It goes without saying that Thessaloniki is completely different from what it was a few years ago. What we see is a timeless image of a city that is constantly evolving and growing. Observing the elements of the urban landscape is a visual reference to its history. This can be done with a walk in the center and the neighborhoods of this city.



We will attempt this ride with our camera. The video clips and photos we will present to you are a stimulus. You can do the same if you wish. The texts that will accompany these audiovisual data will be the product of our research. But again, this research can be extended by you. This can be done if any of these will pique your interest and awaken the need for further search.

As an introduction, we present a general picture of Thessaloniki. As we show a photograph of a man, a general view. Then we will show its special features. With the same logic, we will show Thessaloniki. Like a woman appearing before us. Recommended to us. We see it and we observe it. We then discover these elements of it that interest us most. Furthermore, we love her, we take care of her, we put her in our personal space.

Let’s see it from above and from a distance. Before we enter her body. To become one with her. To observe it, to study it. Respect her and be careful not to hurt her. Have a good trip on this visual adventure.


Aristotelous Square

Ο Γιάννης Φραγκούλης γεννήθηκε στην Αθήνα, το 1960, όπου τέλειωσε το εξατάξιο γυμνάσιο. Σπούδασε χημεία στον Καναδά, στο Μόντρεαλ (Quebec), στο Μόνκτον (New Brunswick) και στην Ορλεάνη (Γαλλία). Το 1989 σπούδασε φωτογραφία στην ΑΚΤΟ, στην Αθήνα. Παρακολούθησε σεμινάρια σημειωτικής, με το Δημήτρη Τσατσούλη (φωτογραφίας, λογοτεχνίας και θεάτρου), στο Ελληνοαμερικάνικο Κολλέγιο. Το 2009 τέλειωσε το Master in Arts, από το Middlesex University, με θέμα της διατριβής του, «Ο μύθος, μια αφηγηματική διακειμενικότητα».

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